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11月 28, 2019 作者:rabies  
類別: OIE-ANSES-Taiwan

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No. Contents Resources
1 OIE-ANSES-Taiwan project_en Animal Health Research Institute
2 OIE-ANSES-Taiwan project_cn Animal Health Research Institute
3 AHRI_Research_Report Animal Health Research Institute
4 Pathogenesis of Ferret Badger rabies Animal Health Research Institute


10月 9, 2019 作者:rabies  
類別: 2019_WRD 世界狂犬病日

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No. Contents Resources
1 2019_Taiwan Rabies Day_Report Global Alliance for Rabies Control
2 2019_Taiwan Rabies Day_Layout Global Alliance for Rabies Control
3 2019_Taiwan Rabies Day_Poster Global Alliance for Rabies Control
4 2019_Taiwan Rabies Day_Activity Global Alliance for Rabies Control

Taiwan Rabies Papers

1月 11, 2017 作者:rabies  
類別: Taiwan_Rabies_papers

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No. Contents (OnlineOpen) Resources
1 Taiwan Government response National Taiwan University
2 Taiwan FB rabies progression National Taiwan University
3 Taiwan rabies Logistic regression model National Taiwan University
4 Taiwan FB rabies Risk Human Exposures National Taiwan University
5 Taiwan FB rabies — Taiwan Lyssavirus at bat Animal Health Research Institue
6 Taiwan FB RABV molecular characteristics National Taiwan University
7 Two phylogenetic groups of Taiwan FB RABV National Taiwan University


6月 24, 2012 作者:rabies  
類別: Bat_Taiwan

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No Contents Resources
1 When Found Bats (pamphlet in Chinese) BAPHIQ - 動植物防疫檢疫局
2 Lyssavirus transmitted by bats at Taiwan Emerging Infectious Diseases
3 Disease Strategy Australian Lyssavirus_en Animal Health Australia
4 Australian Lyssavirus (Chinese version) BAPHIQ - 動植物防疫檢疫局


6月 21, 2012 作者:rabies  
類別: Education

No Contents Resources
1 美國衛生部疾病管制局狂犬病推廣資料 Prof. Chang-Young Fei
2 美國堪薩斯州衛生與環境局狂犬病推廣防疫指南
Prof. Chang-Young Fei
3 各類英文狂犬病宣導網站介紹
Prof. Chang-Young Fei
4 狂犬病推廣教育資料(extensional education) Prof. Chang-Young Fei
5 狂犬病專業教育資料(professional education)
Prof. Chang-Young Fei
6 世界狂犬病概況
7 美國CDC狂犬病防疫策略(English) MMWR_US_CDC
8 美國CDC狂犬病防疫策略(Chinese) MMWR_US_CDC
9 California State Law_English+Chinese_bilingual Prof. Chang-Young Fei
10 一年與三年狂犬病疫苗之區別 the Spruce Pets
11 狂犬病疫苗之力價 AAHA


4月 5, 2009 作者:rabies  
類別: Clips

Contents Resources
Symptoms of Dog Rabies, dubbed Chinese (5 min:30 sec) Prof. Chang-Young Fei
Rabies Kills, dubbed Chinese (59.8 MB; 18 min:12 sec) Prof. Chang-Young Fei