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1月 11, 2017 by rabies  
類別: publication

No. Contents (OnlineOpen) Resources
1 Taiwan Government response to Ferret Badger rabies National Taiwan University
2 Taiwan Ferret Badger rabies progression, 2013-2016 National Taiwan University
3 Logistic regression model for Taiwan rabies study National Taiwan University
4 Taiwan FB rabies risk to human exposures National Taiwan University
5 Lyssavirus in Japanese Pipistrelle (bat), Taiwan Animal Health Research Institue
6 Molecular characteristics of Taiwan FB RABV National Taiwan University
7 Two phylogenetic groups of Taiwan FB RABV National Taiwan University
8 A retrospective study of Taiwan FB RABV Animal Health Research Institute
9 Pathology and molecular detection study of Taiwan FB RABV National Chung Hsing University
10 Evaluation of SAG2 oral rabies vaccine in Taiwan FB RABV Animal Health Research Institute
11 Initial pen and field assessment of baits to use in… CDC, USA; Taiwan NPUST + PABP
12 Taiwan FB rabies and Japan diagnosis capability Drs. Satoshi INOUE and C-Y Fei, 2014
13 Current Issues of Rabies Prevention in Japan Drs. Satoshi INOUE et al. 2018
14 Rabies Vaccination, 1 year or 3 year ? Drs. Lai, Tsai, Lin, Fei
15 Temporal dynamics and human exposure to Taiwan FB rabies BAPHIQ, Japan NIID, NCSUVC, etc.
16 The wave front spread rate of Chinese ferret-badger rabies in eastern Taiwan Open Access Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies
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